Saturday, January 26, 2013

day 1 down under :)

hey peeps :) 

So yesterday was my first real day in NZ and it was amazing :) 
first I looked around the farm and later annlis family picked me up to show me around town and go to the beach : ) 
It was 30c and it felt hotter at times :) 
In the part a guy brought his parrot :D never seen that before 
there was also a peter pan statue :) 
We went to a supermarket and got some food for the beach right before we drove there
the beach was beautiful an you can see in the pics 
we met up with some friends of annlis guestmom which had a dog names muscles :) 
he was ADORABLE <3
we went for allot of walks with him :) 
on one of those we found a pair of shoes laying in the sand... 

well I hope you enjoyed the pics :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

The journey, the destination & the orange t-shirts : )

Hey peeps :)

So I'm here in NZ and alive :) 
so my trip was SOOOO long like 36 hours but still fun :) 
I slept for about 10 ours all together and the rest I spent goofing around with my friends :) 
We watched a ton of movies including batman (I still am VERY confused about what is happening in that movie) and perks of being a wallflower (must see and read :)
We had to wear ORANGE tee's they were TERRIBLE I looked like I was about to puke during the entire flight :) 
Three people actually did...
New zealand was beautiful out of the plane so here are a few pics of well everything I saw there they are a bit out of order :) 

well thats it for yesterday :) 
-Lyssie <3

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey beautiful :) 
This sunday I spent getting my P26 on with my mom and dad 
I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my cam 
(canon IXUS 110 IS)
 so I took a bunch of pics :) 
of.. forks haha :D 
Thank you ally again for the manicure it's still holding on :D 
I miss you so much and wish you a great year see you this summer <3
then I spent the rest of my day chillin with ma pianoo :) 
and my camera <3
school started again today and since I'm obsessed I brought my camera :) 
we had a muffin partay and I (almost) finished my art project (below)

My BMF (best male friend) freshened up his beauty knowledge reading only the best (seventeen mag)
Cause I'm obsessed with my camera (you might have aught on by now :D) I well sort of forced my friend annli to let me take pics of her :D they turned out kind of cray cray 
hope you like the edited versions babe <3
Daring as I am (lol) I tried double denim today :) my outfit was:

a dip dyed denim shirt from American eagle 
jeans from hollister 
forest green UGG boots 
and a Kohls belt 
all together that looked something like this :P
for the future My pics  might look a bit weird cause most of my class doesn't want to have pics of them in the internet :) 

Stay Excellent  
xx Lyssie

Song of the day :
change of seasons - sweet things